Sunday, July 20, 2008

Library confrontation points up privacy dilemma

Library Director Amy Grasmick sits in the Kimball Public Library's children's room where public access computers are in use in Randolph, Vt., Friday, July 18, 2008. Five state police detectives wanted to seize Kimball Public Library's public access computers as they frantically searched for a 12-year-old girl, acting on a tip that she sometimes used the terminals. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)AP - Children's librarian Judith Flint was getting ready for the monthly book discussion group for 8- and 9-year-olds on "Love That Dog" when police showed up.  Her courageous stand needs to be cheered by all who cherish our basic rights.  The police, however, were eventually able to gain access to the library's computers.  Which still leaves the questions about what information did they gather and what did they do with it.  We must demand transparency of our government officials.  There must be procedures in place which allow overseers to monitor what our police do with the information they are gathering on us.

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